• Absolute New York Matte Made In Heaven Liquid Lipstick And Liner Duo (4.2gm) ৳ 585৳ 650

    A liquid lipstick and liner duo for easy-to-achieve matte lips.

    What is it?

    Highly pigmented for opaque coverage that’s transfer-free, comfortable and long-lasting on the lips.

    What it does?

    Perfect your pout with Absolute New York’s liquid lipstick and liner duo.
    Ideal when you’re on the go.
    This 2-in-1 hero helps you apply a long-lasting lip in no time at all.
    Highly pigmented and totally transfer-proof.
    The matte formula gives opaque coverage that’s so comfortable.

    How to use?

    Exfoliate your lips for a smooth, even application. Line the shape of your lips to prevent feathering and bleeding. Apply 1 to 2 coats of liquid lipstick on your lips until the desired look is achieved.

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  • Lafz Brick Red – Lip Colour ৳ 990

    5.5 ml


    Colour Personality – Your charm lies in your unflappable disposition. Life doesn’t faze you, and this shade was made to complement your regal poise as you welcome the challenges of a new day.

    How to style – Pair your russet red lips with shimmer eyeshadow and thicker black eyeliner to balance your look. Put a dash of red-toned eyeshadow for an edgy monochromatic look. Or simply make your eyelash pop with mascara and let this shade do the talking.

    When to wear? – Though this shade shines best at night-time functions, Brick Red is a shade that works at almost any time of the day. Whether you’re going to the office or a weekend getaway, this shade will make you steal the show.

  • Lafz Cherry Crush – Lip Colour ৳ 990

    5.5 ml

    Colour Personality – Class and boldness personified, this classic red projects your belief in yourself. You have a fire inside you, and your vivacious nature shines through as you stride towards your endgame.

    How to style – Make a statement by combining Cherry Crush with lavish gold eyeshadow. Ooze that classic dame aura with a darker mascara and a dash of neutral eyeshadow. Look fresh with no makeup but this classic red on your lips. Channel your inner bombshell with dramatic smudged eye makeup, or go with an elegant cat-eye liner for that timeless look. You just can’t go wrong with this shade.

    When to wear? – Up for an important presentation? A fancy gala dinner? An after-work hang out? Or a delightful daytime appointment? This is the shade to swear by when you need to make a bold statement or a boost of conviction.

  • Lafz Cherry Tinted Lip Balm ৳ 225

    Give your lips a touch of glamour as well as moisturization with Lafz Cherry Tinted Lip Balm. Enriched with Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter, this lip balm fills fine lines, moisturizes lips and protects them against sun damage with SPF 15. It is Halal Certified, contains No Harmful Chemicals and is also PABA-free.

    Cocoa Butter: Cocoa Butter gives intense hydration and repairs cracked lips to give you a beautiful, healthy glow.

    Vitamin E: With powerful antioxidant qualities, Vitamin E helps protect your lips from free radicals and provides much-needed nourishment.

  • Lafz Cocoa Butter Lip Balm ৳ 120

    Nourish your lips and give it a beautiful glow with Lafz Cocoa Butter Lip Balm. Made to instantly moisturize from the first use, it is enriched with Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil that repairs, heals and protects your lips. It also protects your lips from sun damage and comes in a convenient, retractable stick.

    Vitamin E: With powerful antioxidant qualities, Vitamin E helps protect your lips from free radicals and provides much-needed nourishment.

    Jojoba Oil: Jojoba Oil has multiple healing properties when it comes to problems such as cracked lips. It also intensely hydrates to give your lips a supple and healthy feel.

  • Lafz Coral Rush – Lip Colour ৳ 990

    5.5 ml


    Colour Personality – Lovers of life and the open sky, this is your shade. You believe in the glass-half-full and never shy away from adding your quirky twists to the classics.

    How to style – Coral Rush is the perfect shade to add a dash of bold colour to your no-nonsense makeup style. Subdued eye makeup and sheer bronzer will let your coral lipstick pop for a stunning but understated look.

    When to wear? – Whether you want a no-fuss look for a day lounging at the beach, a daring look for a summer night out, or just want to pull off a polished look amidst a crazy morning, this coral shade has you covered.

  • Lafz Fuchsia Flare – Lip Colour ৳ 990

    5.5 ml


    Colour Personality – Eye-catching and bright, this shade was made for the lady with an attitude. A sign of vigour, this is the shade for those with an intrepid and light-hearted nature who feel comfortable in their skin.

    How to style – Get rid of your inhibition and get creative. Let it stand on its own for an effortless statement, pair it with a lighter pink lid for that chic feel, or amp up your liner for a dramatic flair. The possibility is endless with this one.

    When to wear? – Whether it’s a casual daytime appointment or a festive night out, Fuchsia Flare is the shade to elevate your look when you’re out to impress.

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  • Lafz Peach Cream – Lip Colour ৳ 990

    5.5 ml


    Colour Personality – Chic but not haughty, this pastel shade was made for an unpretentious beauty like you. You understand your worth and know when to dial up your charm, but always give others space to shine.

    How to style – Looking good has never been this easy. Amp up your glow with a swipe of Peach Cream and a subtle touch of blush, or pair it with eyeshadow in a similar colour for a trendy look.

    When to wear? -A day out with your clique, a day off at the beach, or any similar daytime stroll is the best time to put on this shade and get that springtime glow on.

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  • Lafz Pink Berry – Lip Colour ৳ 990

    5.5 ml


    Colour Personality – There’s an edge beneath your soft personality, but that’s the drive behind your achievements. Alluring but composed, you were the muse of this velvet pink shade.

    How to style – Give your look a stylish twist with Pink Berry. Pair it with tightly lined eyes, rose-coloured blush on the cheekbones, and a classic vanilla eyeshadow to get that dreamy suave look.

    When to wear? -Whether it’s for a lunch meeting, a dinner date, or a business get together, this should be your go-to lip shade to add that extra pop of colour on your look.

  • Lafz Plum Power – Lip Colour ৳ 990

    5.5 ml


    Colour Personality – This distinctive shade was made for the one-of-a-kind. Those with a distinguished taste who thrive on being true to themselves and face life with their head held high.

    How to style – This regal shade is the best choice for a bold look. You can go all out with matching plum smoky eyes, plum-toned eyeshadow for an alluring monochromatic look, or keep it fresh with light face makeup and a pop of Plum Power on the lips.

    When to wear? -Whether it’s for important events like a grand ball and board meeting or artsy cultural events, this is the shade that will put a spark on your edge.

  • Lafz Pumpkin – Lip Colour ৳ 990

    5.5 ml


    Colour Personality – Made with the girl next door in mind, this sweet mix of orange and brown captures the delightful freshness and innocent curiosity in you. You’re not fussy and your sense of wonder makes each day a joy to experience.

    How to style – Dust a peach eyeshadow around your eyes for a stylish monochrome look. Sprinkle some shimmer on your cheeks and eyelid for a festive vibe or opt for bronze smoky eyes and matching blush for a winning look.

    When to wear? – If you have a full day ahead of you, Pumpkin is the perfect shade to get you through everything. Suitable for anything casual and semi-formal, this shade is the finishing touch for your everyday look.

  • Lafz Rose Blossom – Lip Colour ৳ 990

    5.5 ml


    Colour Personality – You’ve got a mysterious air and feminine touch that matches your sophisticated nature. You’re the dreamer with a game plan, and this lovely shade of mauve-pink was stylised for you.

    How to style – Say bye to heavy makeup and say hello to an effortless glowing look. Pair Rose Blossom with a matching cheek colour for a rosy feel, or opt for subtle smoky eyes for that stunning evening look.

    When to wear? – If there is one shade of lipstick you should always keep in your pouch, it’s this. This shade is the safe choice to spice up your look that would go well with any occasion at any time of the day.


  • Lafz Ruby Twilight – Lip Colour ৳ 990

    5.5 ml


    Colour Personality – Cultured, modest, and sleek. This dark red shade with a tinge of purple was made for a force of nature who relish the joys of life and leave a lingering sense of wonder in their wake.

    How to style – Let this shade do the heavy lifting for your makeup. With this shade, you can go easy on the eyes and opt for subtle cheek colours for an effortlessly breathtaking look. For a sleeker diva get up, go with intense lashes and a cat-eye liner.

    When to wear? – Ruby Twilight is best suited for formal occasions, be it romantic dinner or social gatherings, and office affairs that require a polished look.

  • Lafz Spice Ginger – Lip Colour ৳ 990

    5.5 ml


    Colour Personality – You’re the epitome of composure and altruism who prefers to let your work do the talking. This understated nude shade reflects your dependable and earnest nature, giving you an air of confidence without clashing with your quaint demeanour.

    How to style – Sit back and relax, because this nude shade goes with everything. Flatter your skin with bronzer for that #IWokeUpLikeThis feel, pop a little dark shadow and heavy liner on the eyes for a striking look, or go with neutral earthy tones eye makeup for a wearable daily look.

    When to wear? – Casual hang out, office look or any daily occasion are the perfect time for Spice Ginger. Apply it on your lips before you leave the house and the effortlessly presentable look is all yours.

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  • Lafz Valley of Roses – Lip Colour ৳ 990

    5.5 ml


    Colour Personality -Modesty is a virtue, and you know how to make it work for you. Just like this warm rosewood shade, your pleasant temperament makes it so easy to gravitate around you.

    How to style – If you want a simple but comely look, add a sweep of soft cinnamon around your eyes. If you’re looking to add some poise to your look, pair it with rose gold eyeshadow and rosy cheeks for a splendid photoshoot-worthy look.

    When to wear? -Complement your daily get-up with Valley of Roses for that splash of grace, or let it refine your enigmatic smile as you make a statement on your event of the week.

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